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Adorable!!!! lv handbag


Thanks for all your sweet comments louis vuitton purses handbags


Your sister rocks! Most of my friends are judging me because I want to buy nice bags. I have decided to be quiet and change the topic when they are asking details like price etc. I'm just so happy that my lovely boyfriend understands my interest louis vuitton speedy

Congratulations Cyndi, lm glad you are content with your bag, it looks gorgeous. I also know its tough making the decision as to which bag to go for (especially when you are in the boutique and feel like a deer in headlights). The SA at LV would have fully inspected your bag upon you returning it the next day. Forget about the opinions, right or wrong everyone has one - just enjoy your bag now :) :) louis vuitton purses handbags

Yayyy!!! Live one!!! I'm here!!! louis vuitton wallet


Ellipse. I have the PM and love it!!! louis vuitton www

,Galliera or Speedy.Since you already have 4 speedies why not make it 5 =) vuitton luggage,

My vote would be for the Trevi and Totally PM instead of the Galliera. louis vuitton bags


personally i would not .. i would worry too much instead of enjoying myself ! louis vuitton wallet


omigosh what an ammmmmazing collection! vuitton damier